How Much Does My Evaporative AC Cost to Run?

In the scorching Perth summer, where temeperatures can reach the mid 40’s, it’s absolutely imperative to have a functioning cooling system. When choosing between the 3 main options (ducted, evaporative and split system), a key factor is likely to be cost. Air conditioning can be a fairly costly part of your household expenses, so it does pay to make the right choice. We’re going to look at evaporative ac cost in this article and give you an idea of exactly what to expect.

Undoubtedly, evaporative airconditioners are the most cost effective cooling option for most households. Not only are they cheaper to install than ducted or split system (assuming entire household coverage), they are also far cheaper to run. Just how cheap are we talking?

The above table is courtesy of Canstar Blue, based on a standard electricity plan. Unless you are in a unit or particularly small house, you’re likely going to have an evaporative unit that is rated 10-20kw.

As you can see, for a full day’s use, you’re looking at $1.50-$2.20 for a standard house size. You can reasonably say a coolbreeze or bonnaire evaporative ac system will cost you around 20-30c per hour.

Compare this to a refrigerated unit, which will almost certainly cost $1, throught o $1.50 per hour. Evaporative cooling therefore, is significantly cheaper and can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a month on your cooling costs.

A typical breezeair unit will be not only significantly cheaper to install, but much much cheaper to run. Installing an evaporative AC unit and ensuring regular servicing will save you thousands over the lifetime of the unit.

Yes, there may be some downsides if you live in a high humidity environment, however the majority of households will benefit from installing an evaporative ac unit.