Perth Evaporative started in 2019 after several years experience in the airconditioning world and discovering the lack of quality operators out there. The general experience in evaporative airconditioning appears to be- the longer a business has been running, the more complacent it gets. We wanted to bring a change to that, going the extra mile to ensure our clients have AC units that are well-maintained and stay cool for longer.

We maintain a small time, keep prices very reasonable and follow up with any issues, to ensure the highest quality service.

The Core Tenets of Our Work


Too often, you call up an AC company and they don’t have any avalability for the next 5 weeks. That doesn’t help when there’s a week of 40 degree days on the way! We strive to be available within a timefram of a few days and will prioritise efficiency in getting your service and repair work done when you need it.


When we say we’re going to be there, will always endeavor as best we can, to be there. This is not always 100% possible due to personal issues, delays on jobs, car issues etc.. but we will at the very least let you know as early as possible and reshcedule to the next available time.


When we do a job, be it a service or a repair, we do it properly. We always hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard and expect you to do the same. If there are any issues post service, we will be out to remedy them as soon as possible. That’s our quality guarantee.

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